Ultimate Edition 6.5 6.5

Desktop Concepts by TheeMahn
Ultimate Edition 6.5 Theme pack Built for Ultimate Edition Linux 6.5 in tmosb (TheeMahn's Operating System Builder). Operating system available from Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ultimateedition/files/ultimate-edition-6.5-x64.iso/download TheeMahn's Operating System...
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Rating: 5.6
May 14 2019

Ultimate Edition 4.1 4.1

Desktop Concepts by TheeMahn
Ultimate Edition 4.1 Theme pack.
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Rating: 5.8
May 14 2019

ubuntu-studio icons for menus

Desktop Concepts by komeko
ubuntu-studio icons for menus (categories) скругленные иконки для меню скачать распаковать скопировать в /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/categories/ перезагрузить панель xfce4-panel -r *если не хотите...
Rating: 5.0
Mar 29 2019

mojave CT 0.1

Desktop Concepts by zayronXIO
I'm working on a theme for plasma that better mimics the appearance of mojave macos. let me know opinion
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Rating: 5.0
Feb 04 2019

FlameOS 2.2.0

Desktop Concepts by brzoskowski
FlameOS it's a environment based on MacOS, Deepin and with some inspirations in iOS. It's only a Adobe XD Project. I used the icon pack El Capitaine, and Ghotam font, my mission's make and environment that not be visually polluted or too minimalist like iOS or Android by example. The icon pack...
Rating: 6.3
Jan 20 2019


Desktop Concepts by 1000eyesnmyhead
Theme based on Mint and Numix
Arch (tar.gz)
Rating: 5.0
Oct 12 2018

Manjaro Login

Desktop Concepts by antechdesigns
Manjaro Deepin login Mockup
Rating: 5.0
Jul 04 2018

Corinthians 1.0

Desktop Concepts by RangelTeste
Apenas metacity do Corinthians
Rating: 5.0
Jun 28 2018

Simple kmenu 1.0.1

Desktop Concepts by naruto-uzumaki
idea simple menu for kde inspired by the android menu
Rating: 6.3
Mar 23 2018

Seamless desktop (idea)

Desktop Concepts by francescodl
These pictures describe my idea about my ideal desktop. No more desktop icons, they are outdated, but seamless applications that can be rearranged as I like. Gnome 3 is the one and only desktop with a view to the... now.
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Rating: 5.0
Sep 13 2017