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A new mesh gradient background with your favorite GNU/Linux distro or desktop environment logo centered. The logos all have received a bluish/teal treatment and an inner drop shadow to give an inset into the backdrop effect.
There are now 52 different variations to choose from. I've added some newer popular distros and some tried and true classics as well.
Variations include: Anarchy, Antergos, ArchLabs, Arch, Arco Linux, Budgie, CentOS, Cloud Ready, Debian, Deepin, Fedora, Feren OS, Gentoo, GNOME, LXQt, Kali Linux, KaOS, KDE, KDE Neon, Korora, Kubuntu, Linux Lite, Linux Mint, Tux, Lubuntu (LXQt), Lubuntu (LXDE), LXDE, LXLE, Mageia, MX Linux, OpenSUSE, PCLinuxOS, Peppermint, Plasma, Pop!_OS, Puppy Linux, React OS, Slackware, Slax, Solus, Sparky, Tails, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, Ubuntu Mate, Ubuntu Studio (x2), Voyager, XFCE, Xubuntu (x2) and Zorin OS.
As always, requests for different logos, colors etc. are always welcome.
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