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Fine Tune

Wallpapers Gnome by ptalfred
[color=#020052][b]Fine Tune from Gnome Series[/b][/color] [b]Desktop version for this wallpaper set: [/b] [URL=]Fine Tune, a complete set for all your screens[/URL] For more details: [URL=]Fine...
gnomeseries ptalfdesktop gnome wallpaper artwork
Score 71.4%
Mar 18 2020


Wallpapers Gnome by ptalfred
[h4][color=#020052][b]Tune - Gnome Edition [/b] from Noble Wallpaper Series[/color][/h4] [b]Tune is a set of five editions:[/b] Gnome Edition [URL=]Plasma Edition[/URL] [URL=]Mate Edition[/URL] ...
ptalfdesktop nobleseries gnomeseries wallpaper artwork gnome
Score 71.4%
Feb 26 2020

Constellation Suite

Wallpapers Gnome by ptalfred
[color=#020052][b]Constellation Suite - GNOME Edition [/b] from Noble Series[/color] [b]Constellation suite is a set wallpapaers with eleven editions, follow the link to see them all.[/b] ...
ptalfdesktop constellationsuite gnome gnomeseries wallpaper artwork
Score 77.8%
Feb 19 2020

Big Foot

Wallpapers Gnome by ptalfred
[h4][color=#020052][b]BIG FOOT[/b] from Gnome Series[/color][/h4] [b]Check out the Mobile version for this wallpaper set. [/b] [h4][URL=]BIG FOOT, a complete set for all your screens[/URL][/h4] For more...
ptalfdesktop gnomeseries gnome wallpaper artwork
Score 60.0%
Dec 02 2019

Simplicity - GNOME Edition [ 2K ]

Wallpapers Gnome by ptalfred
[color=#020052][b]Simplicity - GNOME Edition [ 2K ] from Simplicity Series[/b] For 4K and 5K resolution wallpaper: [URL=]Simplicity - GNOME Edition [ 4K - 5K ][/URL] [/color] For more...
wallpaper artwork gnome nobleseries gnomeseries ptalfdesktop
Score 79.0%
Oct 22 2019

Simplicity - GNOME Edition [ 4K - 5K ]

Wallpapers Gnome by ptalfred
[color=#020052][b]Simplicity - GNOME Edition [ 4K - 5K ] from Simplicity Series[/b] For 2K resolution wallpaper: [URL=]Simplicity - GNOME Edition 2K[/URL] [/color] For more...
simplicityseries ptalfdesktop wallpaper artwork gnome
Score 50.0%
Jun 11 2019